Sometimes academic writing needs to have the chaff sifted from the wheat. Although many scholars communicate to peer and general audiences very well, others have writing skills that do not match the rigor of their research or the creativity of their insights. Expeditus can expunge turgid prose, compress distended sentences, and reorganize ill-conceived paragraphs, delivering lucid exposition that welcomes the reader.



To ensure that the scholarly word does not return void, more and more textbooks coming to market include a variety of study aids such as reflection questions, flash cards, graphs, illustrations, prompts for further research, and online quizzes. However, busy professors often find this content tedious to produce. Expeditus can offer assessment materials for textbooks and other educational products, giving author and publisher alike an affordable, time-saving option.



In the eyes of an uncharitable reader, a single spelling error can make an author guilty of violating the whole law. Expeditus can deflect the rush to judgment by catching misspelled words, grammatical faux pas, and violations of standard English, delivering a clean manuscript to please friends and mollify critics.



esl editing

There are doubtless many languages in the world, and while none are without meaning, English is quickly becoming the standard medium of academic discourse. Some scholars can compose mellifluous French, complex Cantonese, or subtle Arabic, yet struggle with the nuances of English idiom. Expeditus can help bring global research to a wider audience, working closely with international scholars and respecting their voice.



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